The Great logos are recognizable in a blink. They also should make a lasting impression. ... Your logo should be memorable and stand the test of time. The logo instantly exhibits the specific branding of your organization.  An effective logo stands out without being brash; but simply illustrates your specific operation. They encourage interest and lead to a further exploration of your website.


Our typical process for creating your logo is to consult to confirm how we would prefer to move forward.  The client may provide some simple drawings and leave us to produce some samples that reflect the intent.  The exact wording that may be included is agreed upon.   Then there is the important consideration of colours.  The more colours - the more expensive will be future publications - Stationary, pamphlets etc...  The canoe logo shown above is Dark Blue, Light Blue and White space.  Kerry Bobcat'slogo is yellow, black and grey.  The logo for the law firm is solid and clear.  Colours are often carried on within the website to create that important quality of consistency.


  • Limited Use of Colours.
  • Represents the Company's Activities.
  • Always leads back to the home page
  • Focuses attention and interest.

What do our customers say?

KerryBobCat says: "The logo heading my site instantly tells the client what I am all about!  It is simple yet elegant." The Executive of the Recreational Canoeing Association of British Columbia states: "After seeing lots of samples for our website, we landed on the perfect logo for a canoeing organization.  The colours were great and the look of simplicity was its on of its greatest assets."  It took a great deal of consultation to arrive at the logo for Karen Stewart Law, the end result protrays the essential professionalism of a law firm.

Regular Consultation

We are always willing to consult with our clients on the design of the final rendition of the perfect logo!