Joomla! is a brilliantly designed software program that allows for the task of Project Management.   Check out some of the features in in the following overview.


How good is a Content Management System?  It is good in so many ways...  First of all, the issue of immediate control.  All the client has to do is to LOGIN to the administration end of the site and locate the place that needs editing.  Make the changes and Save and Close!  It's that easy.  It means that YOU are in charge of the content on your site including text, images, documents, and the many other features.


  • Benefits and Features
  • Joomla! is 'open source' software.
  • Volunteer teams work at keeping it safe and secure.
  • Easy to learn programming and site management skills.
  • Content Management is fundamental feature.
  • Cost effectiveness is of great value.

What do our customers say?

Using Joomla! is one of the most valuable features of the website design.  It means that we can edit our own sites without needing the services of an expensive programmer.  Moreover, if there is a problem, the webmaster is always there to help.  There is always assistance available and prompt.

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